Faculty of Computing Studies

Computing studies is a collective name given to a number of different, but related disciplines all centering on digital computations and their influence upon man.  A common misconception about computing studies is that it is a purely applied field and that it is a service-oriented field, one that aims to serve other disciplines.  In fact, computing studies covers both deep and theoretical fundamental knowledge, and technology-oriented and applied knowledge.   It thus covers a continuum from purely theoretical and fundamental studies of natural phenomena related to computation to the use of computer technology to solve practical problems of applied nature.

The faculty of computing studies at AOU-Egypt branch offers a balanced programme in computing that covers both the theoretical aspects and its applied side.  Because of its balanced coverage, the degree offered bears the title: Bachelor of Science (honours) in Information Technology and Computing (ITC).   It aims at graduating students who have the necessary practical skills that allow them to apply the latest technologies to develop practical applications and the requisite foundations and theoretical background of computer science that allows them to have a clear understanding of the field.  Such understanding will help them in extending their practical skills on solid grounds.  The degree offered by AOU has been equated to the computer science degrees offered by National Egyptian Universities, and is fully recognized by both the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) in Egypt and the Open University (OU) in the UK.  As a result all graduates receive two fully accredited degree certificates, one from AOU and one from the OU.

How do I know ITC is for me?

Modern research indicates that in order to succeed and excel in any field of study, students must be properly motivated to pursue their programme of study.  In addition, students must be equipped with the necessary background that they need in order to be prepared to follow the materials presented.  Finally, students must have the necessary aptitude in order to be able to handle the rigors of the studies of their chosen field.

In order to be properly motivated, you must clarify your career goals and must ensure that your career goals are well served by your chosen field.  This is the first test that you should apply to yourself when deciding to join a particular programme.  In addition, you must be interested in the type of knowledge presented in the ITC programme and have a natural curiosity to want not only learn it, but to excel in it.

Once you decide to join the programme, you must ensure that you have the necessary background.  Fortunately, AOU-Egypt applies a set of entry requirements that ensure that you have the necessary background and aptitude before entering the programme.  In addition, AOU will test your language skills upon entry into the programme to ensure that they match the programme requirements.   In order to remedy any deficiencies in English proficiency, all new students are asked to take an approved English Language Proficiency test.  AOU will place you in an appropriate level of English language courses sequence based on your scores in the English language proficiency test.  The English courses you enroll in are designed to elevate you English language skills to the required level to successfully pursue your studies in the ITC programme.


Currently, Egypt branch is offering a combined programme in Information Technology and Computing (ITC) that covers the following topics:

  • Mathematics and basic sciences (applied calculus, probability and statistics, discrete mathematics, linear algebra and physics).
  • Programming (Java and Java script programming, data structures and algorithms).
  • Software engineering (software development and engineering with objects).
  • Systems (computer organization and architecture, database management systems).
  • Advanced computing (web development with PHP and MySQL, mobile computing,natural and artificial intelligence, networking,  computer graphics, operating systems, developing concurrent distributed systems).


In addition to this comprehensive coverage, students are allowed to choose additional topics that are of interest to them from a list of available electives.  Finally, students will forms teams at the end of their studies to complete a practical project that builds upon what they learned at AOU.

Why Study ITC?

ITC is both a fundamental discipline that teaches you about the nature of the universe which we inhabit and it is also a modern and fast developing applied field with great impact on the way we live and interact with each other.  The digital revolution has already impacted society in deep and undeniable ways.  More impact is expected as many believe that this revolution is still in its infancy.  It is an exciting field with many career opportunities and a chance to innovate and make an impact.  Joining a programme in ITC makes you a part of formulating new visions for mankind, seeing them become realities, and being part of this exciting revolution.  Ultimately, however, answering this question is highly individual and depends on your career goals and how much you are interested in this subject matter.

ITC potential careers

There are a number of different career paths emanating from a study of ITC.  You should be aware of the range of available possibilities in order to plan your studies at AOU and any supplemental training programmes that you may decide to enroll in either at AOU or at other institutes.  At AOU, your target career may help you choose which electives you wish to pursue.  It will also help you choose suitable additional professional certification programmes to enroll in while studying at AOU.  AOU has a training unit that offers courses that can prepare you for taking professional certification exams.  Having both a solid ITC degree from AOU and professional certifications will help you get on the right track to pursuing your career path quickly following graduation.  The following is a sample list of possible careers that you may choose for yourself, but they are not the only ones.

Other career paths are available and new ones emerge as a result of changes in technology all the time:

  • Programmer / Software Developer.
  • System Analyst.
  • System Designer / Systems Architect.
  • IT Manager / Computer or Information Systems Manager.
  • Network Engineer / Network Systems or Data communication Analyst.
  • Network And Computer Systems Administrator.
  • Software Engineer / IT Project Manager.
  • Database Developer.
  • Database Administrator.
  • Web Designer.

Why Study at AOU?

A Partnership for Quality Education

The Arab Open University (AOU) has a partnership with the Open University (OU) United Kingdom that guarantees programme quality and standards.

Dual Certificates

• Open University, UK degree certificate, an OU validated award.

• AOU degree certificate accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.

Flexible Study System

Learning and teaching methodologies at AOU rely on a range of teaching techniques with a combination of face-to-face tutorials, self-learning, and e-learning.

A State of the Art Campus

AOU campus at El-Shorouk city lays over an area of 23,100 m2, highly equipped with the latest IT infrastructure, Wi-Fi coverage, air conditioned computer labs and lecture halls, and sports facilities.

Easy Transfer between 8 Branches

In accordance with University procedures, students are allowed to transfer from one university branch to another.

Ten Years of Excellence

AOU is celebrating the passage of 10 years since its launching in 2002. AOU has more than 22,460 students in seven countries and has celebrated graduation of more than 12,000 students.